What services do you offer?


While mixing and production is a huge part of what I do, I also supply many other options.


MIXING: I will take your song, album, or project to the next level when mixing. Whether you want radio-ready sound or even something more experimental we will make that happen.  

Many times, a recording is lacking a few instruments to really make it pop, so with your approval or request I can add those elements to make it stand out even more.


PRODUCTION: Similar to what I do with mixing, you can send me your demo recording and we will work together on the sound you are going for as I produce the instrumentation and arrangement to give life to your song. This is one of my favorite things to do!

Also as far as production is concerned, I also create beats or backing tracks for artists, as well as score or background instrumentation for synching to film and radio broadcasts. For you Record labels looking for a solid Remix of your artists’ single, no problem. I've got you covered. 


VISUAL: Being a recording artist myself, I know that once your music is done, the process is still not over. That’s why I include my photography, promo/music video services to fellow artists in need, at an affordable price. We will discuss what creative approach we can do for you and your brand. I have created countless album covers, promo posters and even have a great deal on album packaging at an extremely affordable price!


How does your online mixing service work?


It’s simple for you! Initially I will have you send your demo for me to check out. I will be completely honest with you if this is something that I can work with based on schedule, quality of recordings, and my ability to get the sound you are wanting from the tracks you've provided. When taking on your project, I will have you send over your files through the Tempo Heart Studios’ secure FTP server, google drive, dropbox OR through regular mail (on a CD/DVD-disc, flash drive, etc). Make sure to include any notes on the production of the mix that you would like to include as well as reference songs (similar sounding music to your song), any demo mixes of the project and what sound you are acquiring. 


After receiving your files, I will check them out to make sure that everything was sent over correctly and make sure the files are overall  quality recordings to work with. We can then be in contact with each other over the phone, online or even Skype to discuss the overall project to get a better picture of what your goals are. 


I will complete the first pass of your mix, send it to you for any revisions that you may want like if you say, “Hey! Can you bring the guitar more up front at that one part” or “I need more cow-bell” haha! 

I will make a few revisions based on your needs until you are happy with the mix and send the final high resolution file(s) to you either through the secure drives or through mail on a CD. That’s it! :]


What genres do you work with?

I have experience in every genre from Pop-Rock, Dance, Electronica, Jazz, Christian Contemporary, Hip-hop, Rap, and Country.


How much do you charge for your services?


It really depends on two things: the complexity of the project and most importantly your budget. 

I am willing to work with any budget and can give you a run down of what I can do for you! I think you will find it surprisingly affordable through Tempo Heart Studios. Just contact me for a quote.


How do I prepare my files for the online mixing service?


A quick google or youtube search should lead you in the right direction depending on what DAW you are using but if you are in need of help, I can walk you through the process. It’s pretty simple based on your knowledge of DAW recording but I am here to help you every step of the way.


Here is a great tutorial that should apply to any DAW (Thanks Alex!) HERE


How do I send my files to you?


After our initial contact, I will give you the Google drive, Dropbox or FTP server account information where you can upload the files. If sending the first demo for me to listen to, an MP3 through email should suffice. 


What audio formats do you accept for mixing?


Almost all formats of audio are acceptable as long as they play and are readable by most systems. I prefer WAV, AIFF, FLAC, apple lossless or any uncompressed file format. This is something we can discuss but I may also be able to take certain project files such as Pro Tools files and Logic files, for example.


What comes with your mixing service?

With the mixing service you will receive:

(1) up to 4 revisions

(2) priority contact with me throughout the process

(3) a light mastering on the final product (if desired)

(4) the final product in high quality format either through digital internet means or through certified mail

(5) a product that you can be proud of!


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