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My passion for creating great mixes is why I began TempoHeart studios. I will work on your project keeping your artistic intent in mind while adding that polished, professional and radio-ready sound your music calls for. As a recording artist myself, I am always aware that every project and song is different and should be treated in a unique way that caters to that artists' creative vision. This is why I prefer to speak one-on-one with my clients, whether that be in person, phone, chat, email or even Skype. It's my intentions to always get a successful sounding mix, uphold a professional creative environment and finish the project with satisfied clients every time. 

The process is easy for you! After our initial project discussion, just send over your projects' stems, multi-tracks and/or project files in a dropbox for us to get started. For more information you can check out my FAQs section or contact me with any questions. Let's start working on your next project!



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